We've Moved Into An Office (...and some other updates). FATJOE

We’ve Moved Into An Office (…and some other updates)

We finally took the plunge from being pyjama work from home guys meeting in a free wifi pub once a week into getting an office. The reason why we took this plunge as a young start up was so that we could step up a bit professionally, have meetings, talk to people on the phone, proper working hours and… just because it gets a bit lonely sitting at home all day.


Joe (Davies) trying to get the double monitors working…

We know that one of our lessons in setting up a start up was not to have an office, but we do feel we’re at that stage now. With lots of demand and enquiries we needed a bit more organisation.


Contact us via phone or skype

We now have phone line: (01543) 496846 or for international customers please use +441543 496846. We’re usually in the office from 9 to half 5, but if we’re not there someone will be able to take a message for you.

We’re also on skype: fatjoewho

Guest Post Bulk Buyers

We have updated our guest posting service page with higher quantities as a lot of you were wanting to order guest posts in bulk direct from the site. On our highest package each guest post only costs £22.50. If you are looking to order higher quantities still, that’s fine, simply get in touch.

Fat Rank is working again…

Fat Rank is now working again after a minor blip, as our last blog post explains. Look out for more extensions coming in the future.